s-xiest man alive
wow look it’s padenclark

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  • Passive robbery

    an indirect way to rob or rip someone off. p-ssive robbery is done by the big companies and politicians to steal our money in an indirect way.

  • Pelvis Grinder

    a particularly large, manly, or muscular woman; who, in a s-xual encounter, would likely rock your world to the point of causing you bodily harm. did you see the chick with the motorcycle that fred got with? she was a real pelvis grinder, probably broke his junk right off.

  • Phillip Lamanno

    one bad -ss mother f-cker, been around since 1997. the wild animal has a mullet, and can pull any girls with the snap of his fingers. he’s a hard workin’ , family loving man! who has the biggest heart of all men. chews nothing but copenhagen wintergreen, smokes nothing but marlboro reds, and drinks nothing […]

  • poopshavemasturbathing

    it’s an usual male bathing ritual: first you take a sh-t, then jack off, then shave yourself, so finally you take a shower. bro 1: hey man, why did it take you so long in the bathroom? bro 2: cause i took a p–pshavemasturbathing.

  • Popped her prune

    when ya nail an old b-tch friend says i popped your sisters cherry comeback i popped your moms prune popped her prune

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