a person who teaches others the path of life in order to attain moksha. she also listens and has everything in common with a certain someone and is one of the coolest names/friends known to man and womankind.
narmi is the one guru whom i can trust to lead my life.
an extraterrestrial being who is also reffered to by the name imran. he is dyslexic and has trouble comprehending the fact that ~dj jk~ is at a higher intelligence level.

he is also a proud member of iro (international roots organization) and was the co-founder of gaiety.

see also: chirag, roots, rouse, ey o, college chris owen
yo did u see that guy that poured liquid soap into a flask then couldn’t get it out?!!??
-haha, u talkin bout narmi rite?
1. the first word in “narmi narmi narmok” the alien song invented in the early 90’s by imran.
2. also a planet inhabited by instigating older brothers. :p
zeshan the monsters here, “narmi narmi narmok.”

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