the act of having s-x
this whole thing is too much 16 candels: can’t we just skip it, and go right to the nastification.

past-nastification … act of having had s-x in the past … mostly used if time travel is involved
the process of turning a joint or blunt into a useless nub, surviving only on the merits of its former glory.
as in, “dude, hit that sh-t at your own risk. its gone through some serious nastification.”
to make something nasty. to nastify. the act of being nasty.
in a crued act of nastification, he p-ssed in joe’s beer and came in laura’s soup.
gross, putrid,beyond cleanliness. the act of performing a dirty deed that even the most hardened and seasoned criminal or otherwise is even shocked.

in summary: nastified
guy 1:man after he was caught in the act , he
confessed to <.whisper- in the gross act in guy1's the ear..>
guy 2: man! he said that?! thats just wrong! he’ sick! that’s some messed up ‘nastification!

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