verb signifying rambling speech or behavior that brings to mind ape-like primitive beings of the neanderthal period of evolution.
rather than address debate questions with some semblance of relevance, donald trump instead repeatedly neandered off-topic, seemingly unaware that his remarks were incoherent.
from neanderthal.

noun: someone who holds power tools in disdain

verb: to use brute force on, with hand tools.
if you don’t have a jointer, just neander it with a scrub plane before you run it through the planer.


he’s not big on norm abrams, he’s a neander.
a verb meaning to speak, act or otherwise behave in a manner resembling the primitive ape-like behavior of the neanderthal predecessor to modern man; functioning with one’s lizard brain.
donald trump seemed to relish the opportunity to neander his way through the first presidential debate of the 2016 election cycle, oblivious to how primitive his mysogynistic, racist and fat-shaming statements would be received by viewers.

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