intelligent. athletic. compet-tive.
she is extremely attractive and a kind and loving person.

although she can be quite stubborn sometimes, she always persists even during the toughest times to achieve things.
she is very popular when it comes to sport as she is known to be extremely compet-tive.
her academic standards are extraordinary. her stem skills are above average.
she is very kind and a lovable person. she is very empathetic and motivates you through tough times.

on top of that she is very athletic. she is very compet-tive and will do her best to win, even if she knows that she has no chance, she would always keep her hopes up and will not give up until she reach her goals.
overall, she is an amazing and interesting person to have in your life.
“look there’s nelie!” screamed a boy.
“shes coming first, again” replied another.
#compet-tive #sporty #soccer #love #maths #science #persevere #endure #stubborn #funny

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