nerdfighter: any dedicated john and hank green fan who knows that fighting for nerds, not against them is the right way to live. they enjoy being uncontrollably excited and they know that growing up is the option, not growing old. tuesday and fridays aren’t just days to them, they are days when they “don’t forget to be awesome!”
if you see a person who is uncontrollably excited about the price of soup and they make two spock signs with their hands and place their arms across each other, they are a nerdfighter.
people who instead of being made up of cells and organs and stuff are actually made out of awesome.
they fight decepticons on behalf of nerds everywhere!
john and hank green are made of awesome nerdfighters.
a nerdfighter is a person who is proud to be nerdy and intelligent, and who fights to decrease worldsuck. nerdfighters are not composed of cells and tissue, but instead made entirely of awesome. nerdfighters are known to perform their happy dances when they are joyful, and each happy dance is unique to its respective nerdfighter. nerdfighters are diverse in their hobbies, which can range from writing nerdfighter songs to playing d&d. nerdfighters have also been described as someone who is “outgoing, intelligent and awesome enough to accept nerd as a compliment”. the polar opposite of a nerdfighter is a decepticon.
“i am a nerdfighter”

“are you a nerdfighter? yes? then dftba!”
nerds who fight, usually against popular people. this term originated from the videoblog brotherhood 2.0. john green, one of the two partic-p-nts in the videoblog, noticed a game called nerd fighters at an airport. eventually, the viewers of the videoblog began being dubbed nerdfighters.

nerdfighters are considered to be “made of awesome” by john, hank (the other partic-p-nt in the videoblog), and other nerdfighters. the nerdfighters often send in pictures of nerdfighter related activities to the videoblog, such as nerdfighter embroidered pillows. it is unknown what will happen to nerdfighting when the videoblog ends.
as an adjective:
“bob is pretty nerdfighter.”

as a noun:
“bob is a nerdfighter.”

as a verb:
“yeah, i totally nerdfought my way through that.”

as a group:
“the nerdfighters killed bob’s family.”
like regular people, only made of awesome.
nerdfighters unite!
made of awesome people who are nerds. nerdfighters call themselves nerd with a compliment, and their are many categories.
john: i’ve come to believe nerdfighters is a game about nerds who fight, nerds who tackle the scourge of popular people.
the amazing army thought up by john green of the vlogbrothers, after finding a video game at an airport called the same. nerdfighters are made of awesome and kick deception -ss with their jokes skillz and pwntastic shakespeare quotes.
dude 1: you are such a nerdfighter. you didn’t forget to be awesome.
dude 2: nerdfighters ftw!
a nerd who fights (against the decepticons — also known as popular people).

one who is, instead of being made of organs and tissues and whatnot, made of awesome.

the word originated in john and hank green’s video log projected, called vlogbrothers. while john was in an airport one day (curse those grey speckled walls), he saw a video game called nerd fighters.

thus, the legacy of nerdfighting began.
nerdfighters, we fight with our brains.
nerdfighters, we bring the frakkin’ pain.

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