new woke

it’s like new c-ke, which wasn’t c-ke at all.

(noun) the current advocacy movements, and people belonging to them, who try so hard to be socially accepting and “woke” that they end up being problematic.

(adj) a quality of an idea, which tries too hard to be socially aware and ends up being problematic.
oh look, there goes the new woke, using the four nubian pharoahs to erase egyptian ident-ty and claim culture and history, despite the artwork of all the other pharoahs, cause somehow that’s pro black.

martha: doesn’t claiming that not wanting to touch certain genitals is transphobic, play into the 90s and 00s stereotypes that trans people don’t care about attraction or desires, which was used to justify anti-trans violence?
delilah: shhh, its the new woke, they don’t know what they’re doing.

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