nice nasty

used to describe someone who is outwardly picky and meticulous about everything, but seems to be unaware of what’s nasty about themselves at the same time.
an example would be a woman who insists that you take your shoes off before you come into her living room….but she hasn’t dusted her furniture since she bought it.

she is someone who is nice nasty.
1. a person who is always fresh in public but has a nasty house.
2. a person who pretends to be nice but will talk about you in your face and you not even notice it until they walk away.
3. a person who will “politely” put you in your place if you get wrong with them.
4. a person that is nice to you in your presence but will talk about you behind your back.
1. she is fine but her house stinks. she’s nice-nasty.
2. she just talked so bad to you and you didn’t even catch it! she was so nice-nasty with it. lol
the act of doing one thing and not the other; one who accepts the worse and complains about the best, a backwards thinker, a walking paradox, completing a task and leaving out the most important part, doing something totally backwards, ignoring priorities of major importance and acknowledging the minor.
justin is nice nasty because he didn’t wipe his -ss but he had the nerve to wash his hands.

he’s nice nasty because he’d happily eat any kind of feces as long as it had brown sugar on it.

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