Nicholas McSwarthy

he who embodies a swarthy character and is aforementioned as being also named nicholas

1. “nicholas” pertains to the st nick part of him

– he sees everyone at night

– likes milk

– likes getting warm

– doesn’t often go down south

2. “mc” a libido inducing preset name with origins of scotland/ireland

– therefore suggesting he is similar to the leprechaun — bearing qualities that resemble the metal (dense or hard) or alternatively owning gold

3. “swarthy” pertains to the pirate like part of him
– likes it wet
– gets rough
– has a long sword
– used to having people “walk” his plank

also happens to be a vegetarian. as per his green leprechaun awesomeness.
tom- is your name nicholas mcswarthy?
nick- yea
tom- i heard my gf screaming that last night
nick- oh?
tom- you wouldn’t happen to know anything of it would u?
nick- well i am a nicholas mcswarthy.

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