when someone can’t pr-nounce ninja
there is a ninya

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  • winetastrophe

    a middle cl-ss problem; one is just about to pour the first gl-ss of wine for the afternoon (or evening if you’re late), and turn to suddenly find that one has run out of wine. “red or white darling?”, she asked; “red”, he replied, then suddenly loud screams are heard ; “darling it’s a winetastrophe, […]

  • youp*rn & shake

    noun. to have a solitary night in the sole company of one’s hand, tissues and fantasy silicone filled women on a screen. synonymous to being a loser in action. apparently, tonight will be a youp-rn & shake type of night for mr.trump, retiring from public life after losing this year’s presidential elections. #youp-rn & shake

  • samothraki girl

    typical hipster chick that pretends to be against the system but is all about daddy’s wallet. that samothraki girl is gonna spend 1000 dollars on an iphone, again.

  • stank wizard

    noun- a hobo with a gandalf-like beard, and a powerful curse-like odor. i can still smell that stank wizard we met earlier. #hobo #bo

  • nutthole

    slang for the v-g-n-l opening, because dudes nut in there. she wouldn’t let me in her b-tthole, so i settled for her nutthole.

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