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can you define it?

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  • lanastasia

    the most confusing type of relationship a person can have.. they both like each other, but in the end can’t say it too each other faces/can’t admit it.. their love is based on jealousy and they’re always trying too one up each other… their friends are always supportive of their relationship but one person always […]

  • emojible

    how you feel when you’re feeling incredibly emotional in a way that can only be expressed in emojis, or when you strongly relate to a emoji. caron, i’m just feeling very emojible right now. oh my god, dogs literally make me so emojible.

  • commie b*st*rd

    a common insult referring to people who go against typical american views or freedom. “i heard tony talking about how great universal healthcare would be, the commie b-st-rd.”

  • fmlib

    f-ck my life is bae most commonly used in place of fml or kms in s-ssy/salty manner. sometimes it can also be used more literally and mean “my life is great.” background info: because your life belongs to you and only you, you should cherish it. if you don’t like it then change it to […]

  • fcute

    portmanteau of “f-cking” and “cute”. popularised by scott hoying and mitch gr-ssi of sup3rfruit. person 1: look at this picture of a fox! person 2: omg it’s so fcute!

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