noise bot

a new set of ads that seems to be replacing busted tees’ adds on urban dictionary. sad, because i loved bt’s ads.
dude see that ugly girl on the right with the unfunny shirt? yeah that’s noise bot’s new ad…
the new, sh-tty ads on urban dictionary.
busted tees was annoying enough, but the noise bot chicks aren’t hot and the shirts aren’t funny.
a newf-g set of advertis-m-nts which present cliche t-shirts on notice how the text on most of the shirts’ models are barely legal, therefore boosting sales.
noise bot, if you want sales, take pictures of the actual shirts, don’t just take a picture of a teenage girl wearing a green shirt– then using paint to put text over the picture of your product.
the maker of seriously unfunny and yet overpriced t-shirts with phrases liable to get a female wearer s-xual har-ssed.
a lady wearing a t-shirt that says “make awkward s-xual advances, not war” is fun and all…… until a s-xually repressed chap decides to take that advice, resulting in horrible consequences…… that lady is now suing noisebot for a bucket load of cash.
those stupid ads to the right on ud. the girls are mega ugly. especially the one with the green shirt and the giant fat ears that stick out. and their shirts are lame as h-ll.
that chick over there is ugly as h-ll. noise bot’s shirts suck.
the most annoying ad on urban
that has fugly girls on the right of your screen consuming your soul every time you look at it
noise bots shirts makes bustedtees look better in comparison.
a sh-tty tee brand with stupid jokes that they display on the shirts and then advertise on sites like urban dictionary. they are really stupid and really annoying. very similar to snorgtees
noise bot shirt: i p–ped today!
the general public: whoop-de-f-cking-do.

d-mn, i’m so tired of seeing those ugly noise bot ads!

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