a strong -ss p-ssy
romero is a nonf-ckboy

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  • buk sniper

    a patriotic american who hates liberals and loves conservatives. goes by cletus, clyde, and super hick. knows alot about guns and ammo. he is a good ol’ county boy. hey cousin eddie, did you know buk sniper likes guns, trucks, and big ol’ plastic t-tties?

  • chocolate c*ck ring

    1. the tide mark left by -n-l s-x 2. when the czech delicacy trdelnik in tube form is put to its intended use on a hot summers day, leaving a nutella ridge at the base of your pork sword. as i asked her to go down on me, i suddenly noticed my chocolate c-ck ring.

  • j-flame

    when you roast or “flame” an individual, but with an intention of illciting s-xual favors jane: the other day matt called me a pizza face but then winked at me. what does he mean? mary: yeah, that’s a cl-ssic j-flame. he’s trying to get in your pants!

  • p*ssy time machine

    when you present a hole that resembles 20 years ago. it could be via -n-l s-x, mouth, or when a woman gets a few extra st-tches after childbirth. for john and denise’s 20th anniversary, she decided to let her guard down and give him entrance to her p-ssy time machine. after janine had her 3rd […]

  • 2012 phan

    the year in which dan and phil were not as close due to har-ssment from a couple of the more stupid fans. person 1: why is dan being so rude to phil? person 2: don’t worry, it’s just a video from the time of 2012 phan.

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