opening someone’s -sshole and shoving your whole hand up it.
dude i nookna’d your mom last night.

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  • hitos*xual

    when you love someone based on their personality, no matter how they look, what gender or s-xual orientation person 1: what s-xuality are you? person 2: i’m hitos-xual, i love people based on who they are. mlk style.

  • that boi named nijah

    the most chill as f-ck person you’ll ever meet that boi named nijah …well..he is the best person in your life right now . ##nijah

  • mturk

    an online sweatshop that extremely lazy people make money on instead of getting a real job my fat dad would rather make $1 an hour on mturk than get off of the computer and get a real job

  • breakin dials

    when one turns all the way up past the point where it cannot be turned back down essentially breaking the dial that controls the pace. last night i was out breakin dials in the club and the place was lit

  • pony yogurt

    a thick curdled residue found in equine s-m-n harvesting gear. true pony yogurt develops after s-m-n harvesting equipment is used many times without being cleaned. rancher 1: hot d-mn! what is that smell? rancher 2: aw, that’s just jeanine. she finally got around to cleaning that horse c-ck sleeve and now she’s got pony yogurt […]

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