Nootsack Scalp

the unfortunate condition, when you have excessive skin on your cranium, thus the skin has that scrunched-up look, like a shar-pei puppy. actual medical terminology is nut-sack scalp, nootsack scalp is the “street” version of the condition.
george: what’s up nutters?
jason: hey, c’mon, stop it please…don’t call me that.
phil: why you call him nutters?
george: oh, that’s an abbreviation, short for nut-sack scalp, or nootsack scalp.
phil: why do you call him that?
george: take a look at his head!! looks like a giant scr-t-m on his shoulders!!
phil: hahaha, yeah it does! kinda like a shar-pei puppy.
jason: please guys, please! stop it…please.

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