usually used to describe someone who acts like a colossal f-ggot.
omg just look at her acting like such a nossi

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  • robertidk

    1: a b-tt face memer. 2: a noice canadian youtuber who loves youtubers and can actually sing. person 1: -kicks over a trash can of memeswhile singing all star- person 2: wish you’re acting like robertidk

  • fadudle

    this is part of a female’s down below and its name that children would use instead of calling it somthing like v-g-n-,f-nny,fof ect. “mummy my fadudle is sore”

  • godzuky

    a sergal with a mind so dirty that if you try to wash his mouth out with soap he will start to suck on it while gazing into your eyes and producing dirty soap. he will then expect you to use this dirty soap late in the night while performing the “zuky f-ck”. zuky f-ck: […]

  • slappy ending

    when a male -j-c-l-t-s into his own hand, and slaps his partners face with the c-m filled palm. i bet when christopher walken is done banging melissa mccarthy, he pulls out, finishes himself off, and gives her a good hard slappy ending

  • slopabottumus

    when you’re drunk and you can’t be on top because you have limited motor functions. so you offer to bottom like a starfish…. but then the jackhammering causes sickness… and then sh-t gets sloppy. kelly: so totally saw that you houdini’d out with that guy last night, did you?….. sarah: …. i was a total […]

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