an unclothed human body shown in an especially beautiful, artistic, or idealized manner.

a work of art displaying a nude.

a color approximating ‘flesh tone’, a warm pink-biege often used to color underwear or stockings.
bouguereau’s female nudes are especially lovely, but that’s just me talking.
naked; bare; no clothes on
nude pics a chick posts of herself in a forum. often times if a hottie posts a regular pic, the other posters will keep asking for “nudes?” or “n00dz plz.”
the pics thread was at the top with 300 users online. some chick must have posted nudes.
extremely cool, radical, groovy, or tubular
john is such a nude dude. yesterday he went skydiving with bald eagles!
a combination of n-gg- and dude
what’s up my nudes?!

chillin my nude.
see someone of the oppisite s-x with no clothes. then popping a hard on and then doing him/her on the spot. however, it must me gracefull
don’t be r-t-rded and f-cking get naked!!
an obese day of defeat clan. frequently visits the forums of the popular dod fansite, 1911. what they lack in skill they make up in pure stupidity.
nude = fgt

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