an alternate to n-gg-r or n-gg-, usually a non-derogatory term referring to a black person or homie.
“sh-t nurger, where you at?! i got some b-tches at my pad!”

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  • Nuterous Nick

    when your partner sucks on both your right and left nut at a painful and forceful rate. i started to cry when she finally slowed down on my tender scr-t-m and i hate those nuterous nick.

  • Nut Lava

    the ultra hot man magma that flows from blue b-lls that have finally experienced overdue release. dude, i finally tapped that sweet bbw last night after almost a month of being denied! when i was plowing that sweet, sweaty shelf from behind, the explosion of nut lava blew her meat flaps into queefdom!

  • Nut Loaf

    a cake of -ssorted nuts. i could really go for a nut loaf right now. 1 more definition a person that acts very much like a doof and/or wackjob the doofy man was being a nutloaf.

  • Nyuujiirando

    j-panese for new zealand nyuujiirando is j-panese for new zealand

  • n3kk3d

    naked look at her, she’s n3kk3d!

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