nyasha is a wonderful name that means grace. the name comes from zimbabwe!!
i’m saying hi to all the nyashas out there, i love yall!!
nyasha is a beatiful name.
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nyasha’s are very beautiful and kind people, others don’t see that she’s just looking out for her friends. but some of her friends like people we know can be backstabbing b-tches. she just wants to make her friends happy with their relationships, but at the end of the day she ends up to be the lonely one. which can be very dipressing because she would’ve tried to make them as happy as they could be. some other people take advantage of her in her vulnerable state, which is wrong but no one cares. so nyasha despite the relationship area, is the most coolest friend you could ever have. she’s awesome and she’s full of love and faith. nyasha’s are the best!!!
wh-r- #1: do you think that pastor will f-ck us?

wh-r- #2: not if don’t have some nyasha in you.

wh-r- #1: yeah. i totaly wish i was like a nyasha.
a beautiful strong independent woman with many admirable traits. nyashas’ are out going, friendly, fun and have a great sense of humor. they are unique both inside and out. gorgeous girls who aren’t afraid to speak their mind and stand up for others.
“there goes nyasha, her smile lights up the room!”

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