much like awesome, but better. first coined when new zealand boxed david tua appeared on the television show ‘celebrity wheel of fortune’ and picked a vowel: “i’d like an o for oarsome.”
often used in a vaguely ironic sense, or to describe something that is so ridiculous that it approaches the borders of awesomeness.
“have you seen the movie ‘hercules in new york’? that’s pretty oarsome, right there.”
“cats wearing fruit helmets are oarsome!”
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came from awesome, but relating to rowing- first from the aussie rowing crew of four people, the oarsome foursome. now you just say it instead of awesome
sally: that is so oarsome!!!
-rg-sm + awsome = oarsome. liek lawl!!!!
i don’t know how this originated, but it is an oarsome word!
me:dude yesterday, while creaming myself from ong bak, and tom yum goong, i said these movies are oarsome!!!1

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