a word you use when you cant come up woth words that start with o
friend: i challenge u to say 7 words that start with o
friend 2: fine, oats, octopus, obsticle, operate, okay, ummm…oating. ha got it

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  • m*ff mints

    a minty smelling and tasting fluid released from the v-g-n- during s-x. dang! i was f-cking my wife and she sprayed her m-ff mints all over me!

  • gordmans

    a s-xual position in which one would have some poor b-st-rds mother. gordmans is what one would call your mom when she’s in the fetal position with ones d-ck in her -ss. friend #1 “dude i just tried to gordmans your mom and it worked!” friend #2 “well i hope you cleaned the sheets afterwards.”

  • zwuzzup

    so what’s up? zwuzzup joey. how’s your week been?

  • kwaye

    one of the official goat’s of the west. rumor has it he is still ‘juj’-ing to this day. man, that guy kwaye is so god tier lmao xddd.

  • scr*t*med

    getting hit so hard in the nut sack that you don’t have the words to describe the pain. we knew carl had been scr-t-med when he doubled over and could not draw a breath to tell us where it hurt.

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