obscure reference

an obscure or unclear reference, which could be considered random for the circ-mstance.
i mentioned flat stanley in a computer conversation, that be an obscure reference.

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  • oily koala

    a female grease monkey one of my cousins wanted to be an oily koala but i tried discouraging her.

  • OKLM

    french phonetic deformation for “au calme” or in english “being quiet”. the real meaning is something calm, cool, fresh. une pet-te bière, oklm.

  • oromiffa

    also known as afaan oromo. it’s the language of the oromo people. the oromos are the largest ethnic group in ethiopia. ben: what other language can you speak marga? marga: i can speak oromiffa.

  • padJacked

    when you lose control of your ipad by someone without an ipad who constantly asks you to look up something on the web, while you are surfing. omg, my husband padjacked me while i was trying to look at my favorite site.

  • Penisticles

    the collective term for a mans p-n-s and t-st-cl-s. much more efficient since it is one word. i had to get a physical today. the worst part is having to drop my pants and expose my p-n-sticles so that the doctor could check for a hernia.

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