ofae means b-tch,-ss,cracker,f-g. it’s the same as saying n-gg-r but this is for a white person
that white boy is a f-ckin’ ofae.

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    celebitter is a temporary feeling experienced by a person who has not had s-x for a long period of time and who does not intend to have s-x in the near future. this person might go through short periods of bitterness due to lack of s-xual activity. mary: “what’s the matter with you?” jane: “oh […]

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    1) verb. to do anything intence or extreme 2) adjective. having extreme or intence properties. 3)noun. something extreme or intence 4)interjection. any meaning 1)”wow! you just bombed sh-t -ss!” 2)”i just got some new bomb sh-t -ss music” 3)”wanna buy some bomb sh-t -ss?” 4)bombsh-t-ss!

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