a s-xy family of b-tts
there such ogueboule’s

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  • daizjon

    daizjon is a fat person usually with gray hair has a step dad and is sometimes smart he went out with many girls and has promblems with many boys he migh like boys but you never know the birthdays are usually in a month that start with a like april or august he will turn […]

  • v-mac

    when you accidentally go vertical in her p-ssy while eating mac salad aden and victoria had a nice v-mac at the party.

  • plant-based diet

    a diet consisting primarily of plant foods with few or no animal products. not to be confused with being vegan, though vegans do eat a 100% plant-based diet. my doctor suggested i eat a plant-based diet to avoid another heart-attack. told him i’ll do no such thing: never ate vegetables, never will.

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  • chumbrella

    a word meaning ‘cheese umbrella,’ created by phil lester in pinof 6 (for the phandom =d) “a cheese umbrealla, uh, chumbrella!”

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