1. a character in soul calibur 3 who is similar to the characters charade and edgemaster from previous sc games, in that he can use the fighting styles of most of the other characters in the games (chosen randomly by the game).

he is a character who is supposedly one of the strongest warriors alive. he kills an owl that acted as a god’s messenger, and as punishment, he was cursed with the head, feet, and tail of an owl. he was forced to live in a deep chamber where time does not p-ss. he doesn’t get older, or get hungry or anything.

to fight him in the game’s arcade mode (tales of souls), the player must follow a specific path depending on which character he/she is using, without losing a single fight, or winning the 6th match by ringout. if the player defeats him, he/she also gets to fight night-terror as the final boss instead of abyss.

2. the o rly owl
siegfried: my life is not for your taking!
olcadan: o rly?!?

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