old man jenkins

a craftey ol man who is allways getting in to trouble every time he thinks he has it made bang! hes cought by the meddling kids and there dog.
someone allways trying to get away with somthing ex.; look bobbys pulling a old man jenkins on his folks again.
similar to mr. wilson of the popular dennis the menace series, though with a hint of mr. magoo. grumpy and b-mbling, usually always gets his “come-uppens'”
old man jenkins was chasing after the neighbor’s bratty 7 year old kid but slipped on a banana peel just as he was about to grab the kid.
a fart emitted from an elderly man/woman unbeknown to them. a fart that just “falls” from their b-tt sounding similar to a horse snort.
man did you hear mr. jones’s old man jenkins?

yeah i heard it, but he definitely didn’t
a kick-ss band from jacksonville, fl!!!
hey man you see the old man jenkins show?

no i missed it

then you suck -ss!

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