an organism that consumes both meat and plants. no political affiliations attached.
“this whole war between vegetarians and omnivores is stupid.”
a good hunter. one who can appreciate the benefit of a good slab of cooked meat but can subsist on slower prey, such as the broccoli and carrot when the stuff that food eats is not available.
this omnivores prefered meal would be grilled steak smothered with grilled onions and mushrooms with a side salad and a side of broccoli
1. an organism that consumes both meat and plants.
2. a bis-xual person.
1. most humans are omnivores because they eat meat and fruits/vegetables.
2. i’m an omnivore because i like both men and women.
primarily, a living creature who consumes meat – i.e.: poultry, pork, beef, fish. many human meat-eaters are disrespectful towards those who don’t eat meat, particularly towards vegans, often writing bad definitions of them in urban dictionary. such people are often bad at spelling and consistently illogical in their responses to vegetarians and vegans.
omnivore: ‘i could murder a nice, juicy steak. do you want one?’

vegan: ‘no thankyou, i’m a vegan.’

omnivore: ‘oh, one of those. i suppose you’re going to lecture me on how bad it is to eat meat.’ (waves meat in vegan’s face).

vegan: (looks at omnivore disdainfully) no, but i would prefer it if you didn’t wave meat in my face. (waves tofu burger in omnivore’s face).

omnivore: (shrinks back in true terror).

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