deleting random cr-p so something goes faster.
ima optimize my map – d-mn r_speeds mean sucky sucky fps in the ol’ hl engine. fo shizzle.
this is characteristically known as the act of masturbating, in full sprint, in a public park or recreation area. to fully complete this act an innocent bystander must be showered with j-zz as you climax in their general direction. customarily, this const-tutes a $20 fine.
“dontrell, did you really just optimize that baby five minutes ago?” asked tyrone. “h-ll yeah,” replied dontrell, “and i’d do it again.”
current of “optimization” – to take something complicated apart, planning to make it better, usually making it worse.
i wouldn’t optimize a computer unless i know what i am doing or if i don’t want to use the computer again.

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