‘oh sh-t i never thought of that’ – particularly useful to indicate your regret at not giving something due diligence :d
‘you did what?? no way – your oh is going to give you such a b-ll-cking!’

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  • Ostrich Hockey

    a term used to describe contact hockey with brutal hockey players. usually consists of good hockey players, who gave up the dream, playing contact hockey against players that can barely skate (tri-pods). because the brutal players cannot skate, their eyes are focused on their skates, hence, head in the dirt, like an ostrich. furthermore, they […]

  • Ovaried

    past tense of ovary (verb). transitive verb. when an individual acts in such a clearly illogical manner that a hormonal imbalance (i.e., lots of estrogen) is the obvious motivator. but don’t say that. most likely to be utilized by females, though an occasional male has been called on it, too. very embarr-ssing man, i can’t […]

  • out the game

    drunk out of your mind, wasted. how ya feelin man? dude, i’m totally out the game.

  • overflip

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  • Oblitter

    short form of obliterate. to utterly destroy, leave no trace of. smash. annihilate. i played james in madden 10 and straight up oblittered his -ss. he’ll oblitter you in golf, bro.

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