over the line

what should be yelled when smokey’s toe slips over the line and n-body seems to give a sh-t about the rules. this is especially important in a league game.
walter sobchak: over the line!
smokey: huh?
walter sobchak: i’m sorry, smokey. you were over the line, that’s a foul.
smokey: bullsh-t. mark it 8, dude.
walter sobchak: uh, excuse me. mark it zero. next frame.
smokey: bullsh-t, walter. mark it 8, dude.
walter sobchak: smokey, this is not ‘nam. this is bowling. there are rules.
being completely unprofessional. beyond the acceptable realm of ethics or corporate behavior standards as defined in any typical office setting.
bill: ‘uhm, yeah … dave … can we talk for a minute?’
dave: ‘sure, sure … what’s up?’
bill: ‘well, that p-rnographic mash-up you sent around of your co-worker … that’s definitely ‘over the line’ … you shouldn’t have sent that around to everyone in the department.’
dave: ‘oh … okay … well, i guess i know where the line is now.’
bill: ‘well, you should have used some decency and common sense before sending that around. i’m going to have to let you go.’

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