fans of manny pacquiao who are uninformed and know absolutely nothing about the sport of boxing except anything related to manny pacquiao or when floyd mayweather will fight him.
on december 8th 2012, i was watching the pacquiao-marquez ppv card in a sports bar down in my city and while one of the undercard fights was going on between yuriorkis gamboa and michael farenas (a manny pacquiao look-a-like), a group of pactards shrieked out of nowhere when they saw a cut on his face yelling “oh no manny” not aware that it wasn’t manny pacquiao who was fighting at the moment.
people who know hardly anything about boxing and are completely bias towards manny pacquiao since they love him.
look at those pactards yelling pacquiao at a fight where he isnt even fighting.
fanboi(s) of manny (pacman) pacquiao who really has no knowledge of boxing. when a pactard argues over boxing, their only artillery are how another boxer is a p-ssy and racist comments… arguing with a pactrad has the equivalence of slamming your head into a brick wall due to their stupidity and ignorance.
pactard: f**k floyd he’s a p-ssy he’s all about money!
sane person: thats how he makes his living?
pactrad: pacman will bust the ni**er’s face in! f**k that monkey!! pacman rules pinoy power!!!!
sane person: floyd is undefeated while pacman has 3 loses under his belt?
pactard: he still a stinky monkey!!! lol
sane person: … /facepalm
someone who is a delusional one eyed manny pacquiao fan from the phillipines and likely a ladyboy.
they usually say the stupidest uneducated things when it comes to the sport of boxing and still think manny pacquiao is better than every other boxer out there.
i think i’m better off debating with a brick wall than this pactard cause he don’t know sh-t about boxing.

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