Paintbrush ponytail

a ponytail that resembles a childhood watercolor art set paintbrush. this ponytail usually exceeds no more than 2″ in length and, it is uneven and quite stiff in nature due to the use and/or abuse of alkaline/lye/ammonium thioglycolate…..aka “perm”. other chemicals that can contribute to this unpolished paintbrush look are the overuse of p-phenylenediamine, the main ingredient in most hair dye products, or hydrogen peroxide (aka “bleach”). the wearer of a paintbrush ponytail has usually spent most of her time trying her very best to catch every strand and fly-away in order to tame the ponytail into something presentable to the public, but to no avail. after years of stress on the hair, the outcome is never favorable: sn-tched edges, permanently damaged hair follicles, maximum breakage, loss of friends due to embarr-ssment.
dude, have you seen your girl’s hair??? she needs to stop rocking that paintbrush ponytail and just go natural.

wow…..look at that woman’s paintbrush ponytail . what a shame. she would rather wear that sorry excuse for a hairstyle than cut it all off and start fresh.

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