a very broadly used word.

can be used as a verb, adverb, adjective, or noun.

it is used to lighten the mood in a situation that has too much tension, or can be used casually among friends. ‘paisel’ is usually used to replace other words that can be changed to make the sentence mean something else, this creates confusion in the sentence; thus making the conversation more humorous.

it is also used when a person feels indifferent in a situation, or cannot describe the feeling. ‘paisel’ can be used to replace an adjective that is necessary to understand the sentence, therefore making the sentence incomplete (like the persons thoughts).
verb: nick, can you please go paisel over there while i talk to sarah? (meaning: nick, please go over there while i talk to sarah.)

adverb: dana finished that race paisel fast! (meaning: dana finished that race really fast!)

adjective: well hailey, don’t you look paisel today? (meaning: well hailey, don’t you look happy/sad/angry today? – depending on obvious mood)

noun: bronwyn! take that paisel off your head! (meaning: bronwyn! take that (obvious object) off your head!

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