an ancient indic language used in eary theravada scripture.
among early buddhists pali was considered linguistically similar to, or even a direct continuation of, the old magadhi language. many theravada sources refer to the pali language as “magadhan” or the “language of magadha.” this identification first appears in the commentaries, and may have been an attempt by buddhists to -ssociate themselves more closely with the mauryans. the buddha taught in magadha, but the four most important places in his life are all outside of it. it is likely that he taught in several closely related dialects of middle indo-aryan, which had a very high degree of mutual intelligibility.
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pali is a shortand slang word for palistinians ex: pali for life!.mostly used by palestinains in the u.s. and in the ghetto same with sandn-gg- is like n-gg-. pali is said to recodnize palestinians ta reperesent ex: pali 4 life!.
pali for life! watup n-gg- watup bra
1.) a palestinian homie, bro, n-gg-, your boy/girl, friend, pal, etc

what up my pali?

yo don’t mess with those crazy -ss pali’s. they shoot rockets and guns.

that’s how us pali’s roll! you down?

those pali’s are cool man, let them in, their with me.

d-mn those pali’s got some good hash!!!
s-x, f-cking
your so makulit, i will make pali your nose

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