papi’d up

in the state of being a bad -ss mother f-cker. the moment before f-ck-ng sh-t up. it either consist of defending the city or getting big. usually followed by typical phrases, “d-ss w-sssap,” or “game over bro.”
you: we’re about to get papi’d up
a friend: sh-t’s going down bro
you: das w-sssup

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  • parade ruiner

    a fat or ugly cheerleader or baton/ flag twirler wearing a short skirt, tight pants, or a leotard, usually marching in a parade. “this marching band is pretty good.” “nevermind, all the baton twirlers are parade ruiners.” -or- “this parade is full of parade ruiners.”

  • parvifloral

    producing a limited number of flowers. that’s a parvifloral plant.

  • peach goggles

    the act of placing the nut sack over a sleeping victims eyes as though they were wearing goggles. person 1: “dude, tommy is sleeping!” person 2:” hahaha dude lets give that f-g peach goggles and draw d-cks on his face.”

  • peeonherb**bsable

    (pee on her b–bs-able) means you want to t-tty f-ck a b-tch. eckman “that girls pretty.” dudop “pretty?” eckman “pretty peeonherb–bsable.” crazy jessie “oh shnap!”

  • pelvic gurdle

    when someone, preferably a female, tries to slap your tummy, but have the aim of a blind squirrel, and hit you in the pelvis. yo, whitney gave me a pelvic gurdle this morning, the f-ck?!

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