v-g-n-. see also, c-nt.
i’m going to punch you in the pappas
1. douche
2. like saying the word douche
3. gay
honey, i had to break the news to you but i am a pappas.
i’m an icon, aren’t i? immortally immortalized in this urban dictionary. well, whoever did put it in, i thank you dearly.
h-ll yeah i’m a pappas.
a guy that has an extremely big p-n-s.
pappas ript my v-g-n-.
a large hulking muscular figure that descends from the ancient realm of sparta. is immortal. to become a pappas a spartan must first kill over 10 million persians. another feature of a pappas is the m-ssive, gargantuan arms. the muscles on these arms are rabid lions locked inside of a cage and transformed into arms. it is then welded by miniature gods in a combination of fire, blood, and awesomeness. the chest of a pappas is equally as awesome and amazing. first an elephant is mated with a cheetah, producing offspring that are lightning fast and incredibly strong. this is then fused with the arms to create a god of a being that will never perish and will always defend its home land of sparta. this is one of the reasons why sparta was so immensely considered to the be the most powerful and awesome place in the universe. in its spare time, this all powerful god of a being enjoys creating venn diagrams and lifting weights that exceed the weight of 400 million tons. however, this supernatural figure has but one weakness. the students it teaches the ways of sparta and history. these are the one enemies it has but they are feeble in comparison to the strength and knowledge of a pappas.
person 1: oh my god what is coming toward us!
person 2: its a pappas! run for your life!
person 3: don’t look at its awesomeness! your eyes will melt!
person 1: call the students, they are our only hope!
person 2: its worth a shot but they will never succeed
person 3: you’re right! it will destroy everything!
to think highly of oneself.
to have a very large ego.
he’s a real pappas.
a tramp, person wit little money
no u cant hav 50p u f-ckin pappa

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