a small-dog carrying female who has absolutely no musical talent, yet somehow (through the power of per$ua$ion) works with real musicians and releases songs anyways in pursuit of an imaginary musical career.

a paris will compensate for her lack of musical ability by releasing s-x tapes and going pantie-less when out clubbing. it works. the media loves reporting on s-x tapes and the paparazzi loves shooting pantie-free miniskirts when paris gets out of a car.
have you heard about paris’ latest recording session? she threw a sh-tfit when the guitarist told her she is tone deaf! she called him a f-g, kicked him in the b-lls, kicked her dog, slapped her boyfriend, threw furniture out the window, then stormed out of the studio!

that’s hot.

a picture i took in paris…the best place in the world.
one the best cities in the world !! capital of france and art and culture. some ignorants often insult parisians of being rude, but it’s generally because :
1) if you go to nyc and you speak french to ppl, they won’t understand and will get angry because you make no effort to speak their language : the same goes with the french…
2) people who go to work aren’t too happy to be asked twice a day where is the eiffel tower…
and, against all the prejudices, people in paris -do- take showers everyday (france is well known for products as l’oreal…), and are cool persons….
american : hey ! you f-cking smelly b-st-rd ! tell me where’s you f-cking d-ck-shaped tower !!
french : ……….

american : excusez-moi, i can’t speak french… could you tell me where i can find the subway to go to the eiffel tower ?
french : yeah, for sure, follow me i can show you.
a paris is a in-your-face, loud and crazy, silly girl. while she may be like that she has a quiet dark, and mysterious side to her. she doesn’t let anyone see her soft side but if she shows it to you just remember that means something special. keep her secrets and she’ll keep yours. she is an excellent friend and a will always be there for you. dont be afraid to tell her how you feel; most often she will feel the same! if she seems tough on the outside that is because she doesn’t want to get hurt again. gain her trust and you have her. she is creative and when she falls in love she will love that person with all her heart. she wants to be alone but no lonely and often people don’t understand that. try to understand and you will be thanked. when you find a paris never hurt her or you will forever regret you did.
paris celeste
a fun-loving person who doesn’t care what anyone else thinks! can be a bit annoying at some times but that is just part of who she is. paris is a pretty girl who has a lot of friends and is the life of every party! everyone loves paris, you can’t help it!
we all love paris
1.) first thing that comes to mind is hot naked women sunning themselves on the beach, gay artist dudes and dudettes in black berets, souless mimes, cigarettes and s-x.

2.) next thing that comes to mind is love. paris is the city of love after all!

3.) then maybe finally your brain catches up with your p-n-s and you think of the eiffel tower, baguettes and skinny french girls.
boy: mom..i’m through with school! i have a dream! a dream that can only be expressed through-
boy’s mom: you’re going to paris aren’t ya?

chris tucker: lee! did you know that the average french woman is naked 30 percent of the time!?

jackie chan: welcome to paris baby!
angel/fairy…looked upto by certain people..e.g. a football head
that boooootiful thing flying in the sky is a pari
a fun-loving person who doesn’t care what anyone else thinks! can be a bit annoying at some times but that is just part of who she is. paris is a pretty girl who has a lot of friends and is the life of every party! everyone loves paris, you can’t help it!
we all love paris

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