of or relating to a or any of its members.
enacted or established by a .
having a .
of the nature of a .
in accordance with the formal rules governing the methods of procedure, discussion, and debate in deliberative bodies and organized -ssemblies:
parliamentary order.
contemporary examples

perhaps some expected me to begin my parliamentary career by bashing heads, literally.
vitali klitschko contemplates bowing out of the ring and entering ukrainian politics gordon marino march 25, 2013

osman, who was a parliamentary candidate from mubarak’s national democratic party, said the police were only out to restore order.
the violent scene at cairo’s tahrir square babak dehghanpisheh january 28, 2011

in the next couple of months the parliamentary committee that interrogated james is going to report.
british newspapers circle the wagons brian cathcart december 15, 2011

many iranian m.p.s have been jockeying for power in the lead-up to parliamentary elections scheduled for next spring.
iran frees american hikers babak dehghanpisheh september 20, 2011

non-islamist forces proved much stronger in the presidential election than they did a few months ago in parliamentary voting.
good news, bad news hussein ibish june 24, 2012

historical examples

he expressed his preference for parliamentary reform, based on population.
george brown john lewis

in any case it would differ but little from our parliamentary monarchy.
the three cities trilogy, complete emile zola

you may suppose, therefore, that if my mind were not fully made up on the parliamentary question, i should waver now.
the letters of charles d-ckens charles d-ckens

nevertheless, what a commotion it would all cause in the parliamentary duck-pond.
the three cities trilogy, complete emile zola

under the july monarchy parliamentary government, although its machinery was further perfected, was not so brilliant.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 10, slice 8 various

adjective (sometimes capital)
of or characteristic of a parliament or parliament
proceeding from a parliament or parliament: a parliamentary decree
conforming to or derived from the procedures of a parliament or parliament: parliamentary conduct
having a parliament or parliament
of or relating to parliament or its supporters during the english civil war

1610s, from parliament + -ary.

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