an unique name for an unique person. means ‘peaceful town’. paxtons are good-hearted and fun-loving. they are trustworthy, dependable friends with sensitive souls. will go out of their way to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. usually very bright, but not show-offs. might not be the most popular ones in the crowd, but are reliable and loyal lifelong friends to a lucky few.
“you can always count on paxton to be there for you.”
to paxton- v. to ram another vehicle off the road; to invade another’s lane on the highway with intent to kill.
did you see that! he just got paxtoned!
paxton is a man know for a legendary huge d-ck, also paxton’s are amazing kissers and all girl want paxton’s d-ck.

basically the freshest n-gg- g-d made

boy: paxton stole my girlfriend

friend: well paxton has a huge d-ck, so she’ll be good
girl: paxton’s d-ck is so big!!
a larger, generally obese woman whos only intention is to climb her own social ladder. paxton will do or say anything to hurt you. a very very easy girl to sleep with all she needs is a few vodkas. just a big white sl-t bag
person ” what happened to your friend paxton?

paxton” when i get bored of my friends i sleep with their boyfriend”
a word, when uttered aloud, will decimate any pre-planned social event.
billy: hey, timmy! do you want to hang out today!?
timmy: sorry, billy, but i’m going to paxton this weekend.

billy: -hopes and dreams ruined-
a unusually white-large -ssed girl. she has curly hair that resembles pubic hair. no big deal though. she has an odd s-x noise and ride’s a purple bike usually. be aware when around one. they do bite.
sh-t that paxton has a huge -ss.

f-ck she just bite me! must me a paxton.
hair style like thick curly pubic hair
“dude that guys hair is a paxton”

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