stands for paige, charlotte and becky. one of the three teams in the divas revolution as seen on every wwe programming.
rusty cuyler: say early, which team you are a fan of in the divas revolution?
early cuyler: pcb, baby!! whoo!!!
short for panama city beach, fl. where cool as kids grow up and the ones who didn’t grow up here party. spring break capital.
let’s move to pcb, the coolest place on the f-cking planet.
printed circuit board this is a board that your computer,tv,vcr (basicly all manufactured electrionics(although this can be done by hand on a amature scale)) components are soldered to.
premature coupling behavior. when your casual date or acquaintance begins to display unsolicited acts normally reserved for serious couples. ie hand holding, arm around waist, invading personal sp-ce, etc.
kristen: “that guy at the bar just bought me a drink…then totally tried to hold my hand!”

corina: “eeeew, pcb”
pretentious condescending b-tch
“she’s such a pcb”
politically correct bullsh-t.
“some spanish people were discussing how the language should evolve to get away from its inherent acceptance of male hegemony.”

“it would be a simple fix technically but hard to implement. it’d be seen as pcbs.”
“professional c-ck-blocker” someone who gets in the way of a person and their significant other spending time together and/or having s-x so often they exceed the level of c-ckblocker.
“your little brother is a pcb, he’s always following us around.”
a secret underground society that will one day rule the world.
the only people who know what “pcb” actually means are the members of “pcb”.
person1: have you ever heard of pcb?
person2: um…i don’t think so.
person1: k.

(person 2 is secretly a member of pcb)

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