i word that makes you sound sophisticated when said.
bro 1: what is your biggest secret?
bro 2: sometimes, i put big words into my sentences to make me sound more photosynthesis.
bro 1 slowly backs away.
a rad process performed by plants to make energy, summarized by the song below (to be sung to the melody of ciara’s “one two step”)

all bio students (echo “all bio students”)
ohhh weeeeeeee
this is a bio fizzle
you better study-izzle
twizzete! nala!
the electrons are here, mrs. weiland
this light is…
so exciting
photon fresh!
work those pigments
so green ahhh
go to p680 yes
p-ss it, don’t stop it,
all chlorophyll get on
crank the energy flow
they’re about to build it up
let me see that photosynthesis
i love it when they photosynthesis
everybody photosynthesis
they’re about to build it up

this water is
so splitting, full of o2, make light reaction crave it
sunlight made it…
(yes we still need to work on it haha)
let me see you photosynthesis
the process in green plants and certain other organisms by which carbohydrates are synthesized from carbon dioxide and water using light as an energy source. most forms of photosynthesis release oxygen as a byproduct.
that plant be usin the photo.. photosynthesis on us. lets burn that b-tch b4 it go all crazy up on our -ss’s

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