also known as angeldust. probably the scariest of all drugs. was used as a horse tranquilizer. makes the user hallucinate, become extremely violent, and not feel anything. people have been known to do horrible things to themselves while under the influence of pcp. do not use pcp. do not. it will ruin your life.
pcp scares the sh-t out of me. it is evil.
people or lunatics more like it use this drug cuz they say it makes em feel powerful and strong as h-ll but it is extremely dangerous. i’ve done just about every drug out there except for crack and pcp… pcp is the only drug i’m terrified of i don’t think you could pay me enough to try it after some of the stuff i’ve heard, it actually seems evil and almost demonicly-influenced somehow. so if you’ve got any sense you’ll stay away from it too.
-rapper houston gauged his own eye out after a failed suicide attempt while high on pcp, he said he was jesus and he wanted to see his father in heaven, he now resides in a mental inst-tution.

-semi-famous up & coming rapper big lurch did some even crazier sh-t while high on pcp, he thought some chick was the devil and ended up tearing open her chest and eating her lung, brutally killing her. he was naked in the middle of the street covered in blood and staring at the sky when they found him. and is now serving life in prison.

…imagine what they must have felt once they sobered up
a powerful psychedelic known for its dissociative effects.
the most common way to use pcp is in liquid form or by lacing a cannabis joint or cigarette.
it’s common for marijuana dealers to lace mersh with pcp and then sell it as chronic.
this sh-t makes you trip b-lls.
last week i bought dime of what i thought to be chronic, but after a couple joints i realized that this had to be angel dust. i spent the entire day wandering around in the woods in a hazy dream-like state. pcp causes everything to repeat itself, for example; while i was in woods i walked past a hiker and for the next ten minutes all i saw was this guy walking past me even though he was long gone. i was truly hopping down the bunny trail.
1. the drug phencyclidine. causes you to hallucinate and f-cks up all ur sences. really bad. commomly referred to as angel dust. -keep it clean, keep it green!-
2. also stands for a type of lame party that consits of pizza, chips, and parents. sometimes also referred to as pop, chips, and parents or popcorn, chips, and parents
1. “that shermhead was so f-cked on pcp that he jumped infront of the subway train”
2. “this pcp party is so lame. i’m going home to smoke a fatty.
phencyclidine. its used for horse tranqulliser. if huan use it they halliucinate and can do horrible stuff.
man 1// look att that huston, he was on pcp when he ripped out his own eye.
man 2// i wonder how he likes that!

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