peanut butter

a creamy delight sold in grocery stores commonly used in sandwiches and yummy chocolate candies.
my mum bought reese’s peanut b-tter cups.
a name used to refer to a sl-tty girl…. you know peanut b-tter … spreads easy
oh my god, theres mich-lle, peanut b-tter!
lubricious, creamy, delicious, and, most importantly, “spreadable”
alyssa is one fine, peanut b-tter ho
leather interior in your pimp ride
“if you pushin candy color with b-ttah on cuttas” you ballin, houston style
a delicious substance made out of ground peanuts. mad good with chocolate.
i put some peanut b-tter on my oreo cookies. mmm mmm, motherf-ckah.
a girl who is sl-tty and spreads her legs easily, like warm peanut b-tter.
my ex wife amy is straight up peanut b-tter, she spread her legs for a guy less than a week after she moved out.
when you sit on the pot and push like mad and all that comes is a thick pastey brown nutty taffy rope and when you wipe your stink b-tton it never comes clean so you resort to a wet nap then you have to wipe one more time to dry your -ss bye this time you have irritated your sh-tter and are back on the cr-pper for a second go around its fkn maddening thats the peanut b-tters its thick painful and it never quits
man my poo hole aches ive been up all nite with the filthy peanut b-tters i ran out of -ss wipe so i used an old sock i was so tired i flushed it what a mistake i had a major sh-t flood kankle deep i said fk it and went to bed wet feet and all

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