alternate spelling of the word “people” used numerously on various websites and comments. often mistaken for a misspelling.
surely, you of all peaple…

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  • rear-minded

    narrow-minded, foolish, stupid, backward thinking, unintelligent, insular, small-minded, prejudiced those who dont recognise beckham’s achievements outside of old trafford are rear-minded people.

  • recentle

    having recently opted for electronic media i was reading paperbackbooks until recentle.

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    a condition where the r-ct-m has a quite rational fear of being penetrated by a large member (again) and therefore has a reaction akin to a “panic attack”-causing the owner of said r-ct-m to faint and therefore become incapable of partic-p-ting in said s-xual act-to the great relief of the r-ct-m. “hey baby-hows about some […]

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    to rectify forcefully we need to r-ct-mize this situation.

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    a highly addicting recreational drug that induces an intense euphoric high that is unachievable by intake of any other substance. the short term effects appear directly after a single dose and disappear after a few days. short term effects include: -increased heart rate -weak knees -increased temperature -speechlessness -increased s-xual appet-te -uncontrollable smiling long term […]

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