penguin herd

rightfully named for a group of 4-6 women who waddle like penguins but graze hard like a herd of cattle.

they are usually found at the local watering hole once a month to get their feed on.

they are extremely hungry and not afraid to show it.

only way to qualify as an actual penguin herd is to tip the scales at minimum 1000lbs……not an easy task!
stories have also confirmed making eye contact with them will sometimes turn you to stone.
yo look at that penguin herd walking in !!!

did they make weight??

sure did. bouncer said they pulled off an astonishing 1100lbs!

what a f-cking embarr-ssment , don’t make eye contact bro.

u kidding me, they are gonna be grazing like cattle. i’m calling dibs on that real hefty tart!

sick u are. i’m doing the rosen walk away . what a farce….

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