Penny whistles

noun: an act of f-ll-t– performed upon a man whilst he is defecating. note: if the man is defecating whilst seated upon a toilet, this act is instead known as a blumpkin.
so me and my girl was out camping right? and i had to sh-t y’know, so i goes out into the woods, and outta nowhere my girl shows up and starts giving me a penny whistle. it was pretty rad i guess.
whistles… made from pennies… or so the fable goes anyhoo. are often sold in ice cube trays and are plentiful wherever you find ghetto moon pies. delicious with pina coladas.
“mmmmmm… penny whistles…”
one’s manhood.
also known as ‘end blown fipple flute’ or ‘w-lly whistle’.
‘would you like to see my pennywhistle?’

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