a link to a specific article in the archives of a blog, which will remain valid after the article is no longer listed on the blog’s front page (i.e after it has archived).
instead of just linking to the home page of a blog, use the permalink so people will be able to read the article even after the blog has been updated.
a url that references a webpage, often one that is dynamically rendered, which displays the information of a single article (usually from an rss feed) that was featured on the main section of a website but will be or currently is archived.
1) the articles on the frontpage of my blog are generated from an rss feed, so i’m including a permalink for each page; i just post the article id to a php webpage that dynamically displays the desired content.

2) the permalinks to all my articles are just ssi pages with filenames of the article ids. the server includes the xml doc-ment of the page with perl include calls, and i use css to control how they are displayed.
internet term meaning a permanent link to a cached site, rather than to one which changes content regularly.
“if this link doesn’t exist, please try the permalink below it.”
a link on a web page that takes to to a webpage with a thousnad other links to p-rn sites or warez sites. at this point you usually get a thousand popups to pages with more links.
1. i was checking out some warez and got a f-cking permalink then my computer crashed and my house burned down

2. i was checkin out a bunch of p-rn and goit a permalink, now i have to try to close a thousand webpages that don’t stop!!
a site that is constantly visited on numerous occ-ssions. so much so, that it is highlighted in another color than a normal link, so it is apparent that it has been visited more than once.
that guy has a permilink of pam anderson and tommy lee’s s-x tape on his explorer history…

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