Persona 5

the next main entry to the popular and highly regarded jrpg series – shin megami tensei : persona. announced on the 24th november 2013 and will be released in winter 2014 for j-pan but for other countries it will most likely be 2015. continuing the tradition that persona 3 and persona 4 did in 2007/08 it won’t be released on a next gen system, as its only announced for the ps3 (just like when persona 3 and 4 were released during the end of the ps2 life cycle when the ps3 was released already) which p-ssed me off as i only had an xbox 360. it will continue being a game where you have to go do dungeon crawling game play and levelling up your characters and advancing your social link status with other characters whilst maintaining a normal school life, sounds absurd but the previous games managed to balance and make sense of all of these aspects so there’s nothing to be afraid of. judging by the previous games it will be an absolutely fantastic jrpg but the trailer doesn’t show a lot of details at this point but it fulfils its duty of being a teaser trailer and hyping the f-ck out of fans.
“persona 5 is going to be amazing, i’m gonna have to buy a ps3 now. 2014/2015 will be the end of my interaction with the outside world because of this game as the game will have a better social link system than mine.”

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