a pha f-g. of or relating to the pha subspecies of f-g.
i phaf-cked your dog you phaf-g.

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  • phewf

    a word you say when you feel relieved. phewf, good thing i proved andrea wrong.

  • phi kappa pi

    the oldest sorority at suny geneseo (founded in 1872). the sorority is also called “clio” and is exclusive to the hottest, craziest girls on campus. “my girlfriend is in phi kappa pi” “oh d-mnnnn….you date a clio? thats hot.” not only the oldest sorority on the suny geneseo campus, but also the dirtiest and most […]

  • philly cheese sandwich

    a type of v-g-n- that looks like the meat of a phillly cheese steak sandwich. d-mn, i banged this one chick yesterday and she had a v-g-n- that looked like a philly cheese sandwich.

  • philogynist

    a lover or friend of women; one who esteems woman as the higher type of humanity, — opposed to misogynist. that guy loves women too much. he’s a true philogynist.

  • pickle theory

    when both person in a relationship both hates pickles, it means that they’re compatible and perfect for each other. originated from a hong kong drama during the 1970’s. s: do you like olives? a: no, i hate them s: oh then we can’t be together anymore since i hate olives too, based on the oliver […]

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