Phillip Lamanno

one bad -ss mother f-cker, been around since 1997. the wild animal has a mullet, and can pull any girls with the snap of his fingers. he’s a hard workin’ , family loving man! who has the biggest heart of all men. chews nothing but copenhagen wintergreen, smokes nothing but marlboro reds, and drinks nothing but pbr. owns a turkey named tom, and a turtle named bubba. drives a red lifted jeep cherokee, and also owns a 1996 dodge neon he claims is a racecar. he’s been to jail twice for whoopin’ two guys -ss, twice his size, twice. came out with a jail tat, and a chevy brand on his -ss. blairs david allen coe and colt ford daily.
becky “is that a phillip lamanno over there?”
shelby “i cant tell, does he have a mullet?”
becky “yes!!!”
– panties drop-

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